CESEC 2.0 Bucharest meeting strengthens regional energy cooperation in Central and South-Eastern Europe

Source: https://www.energy-community.org/news

Regional energy cooperation in Central and South-Eastern Europe was discussed at the High Level Group Ministerial meeting of the Central and South-Eastern European Energy Connectivity (CESEC) Initiative in Bucharest. Representatives of eight Energy Community Contracting Parties and nine EU Member States gave political impetus to speeding up regional market integration between Energy Community Contracting Parties and EU Member States as well as realization of priority cross-border electricity and gas infrastructure projects.

Among other issues, the members called for the creation of a working group to explore the application of Title III of the Energy Community Treaty to develop specific regional market rules. The CESEC process was also enhanced by a cooperation agreement signed between the Energy Community Secretariat and European Commission’s DG Energy aimed at increasing CESEC’s effectiveness and ensuring coherence of the process.

Finally, Hungary, represented by the Secretary of State for Energy, signed the WB6 Memorandum of Understanding on Regional Electricity Market Development, expressing in particular its interest in participating in the WB6 market coupling initiative. It is already the second EU Member State Ministry having done so.

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