Conceptual solution of the energy complex ” Skočiđevojka ” on the coast of Montenegro

Skocidjevojka, Montenegro

Conceptual solution of the energy complex ” Skočiđevojka ” on the coast of Montenegro

Mirjana Domanović, Željko đurišić

Today, Montenegro faces a deficit of electricity that is about 10% of total consumption. Bearing in mind that the most developed economy branch of Montenegro is the tourism, we must conclude the urgency of solving the above deficit from the point of view related to the security of electricity supply. The favourable geomorphological conditions for the construction of the wind farm and the accumulation lake, as well as the uninhabited space and proximity of the road infrastructure, the electricity network and large consumers, makes the EC project “Skočidjevojka” an extremely attractive investment. There should be no need to ignore the tourism potential that such an unusual project brings with it.

About the project

  1. Upper acumulation
  2. Machines and control building
  3. Overhead line
  4. Wind park

The wind farm consists of 11 wind turbines Siemens 3.3-130, H = 110 m. The average annual wind speed is 7.5 m / s at 110 m.

The annual production of the power plant is estimated at 95 GWh. RHPP Skiočiđevojka has an installed capacity of 49 MW. It is characterized by great flexibility due to the use of aggregates with variable rotational speeds, a small variation in the level of the accumulation lake of 100 mil. m3, which makes it possible to use the lake for tourist purposes, as well as a large energy reserve that provides additional balance reserves to the whole Montenegrin electricity system.

  1. Upper acumulation
  2. Pipeline
  3. Machines and control building
  4. Connection to the lake
  5. Overhead line
  6. Wind turbines

Connection of the Energy Complex “Skočiđevojka” to the electricity network

Connection would be performed using the existing OHL 100 kV Budva – Bar. Proximity of the existing 100 kV network and substations 110/33 kV.

Power would be delivered close to the majos consumption area (sea coast, Podgorica, KAP). Connection would be realised in in-out principle keeping N-1 security creteria fully untouched.


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