Nineteen energy projects selected for Horizon 2020 funding



The projects will contribute to establishing new knowledge in the area of renewable energy, wind energy and sustainable fuels, they will develop next-generation technologies for renewable electricity, heating and cooling, or they will focus on social aspects of the energy transition. After signing grant agreements with INEA, they will receive €86.4 million of EU funding to carry out their research and innovation work plans.

The projects have been selected for funding in a two-stage evaluation process. In total, 200 projects proposal were submitted in the first stage of the evaluation, of which 55 passed to the second round of the evaluation. Finally, 19 projects were selected for EU finding.

The selected projects have now time to sign grant agreements with INEA, with a deadline on 24 April 2018. More details about the projects will be announced after the grant agreements are signed.  The projects are expected to be launched in autumn 2018.

 Topics First stage:

no. of submissions

total requested budget

Second stage:

no. of pre-selected proposals

total resquested budget

Final selection:

no. of selected projects

total EU fnding

 LCE-06-2017 77 submission

€300 million

14 proposals

€53 million

4 projects

€17.1 million

 LCE-07-2016-2017 105 submissions

€454 million

35 proposals

€152 million

13 projects

€62.2 million

 LCE-31-2016-2017 18 submissions

€65 million

6 proposals

€22 million

2 projects

€7.1 million

 Total 200 submissions

€819 million

55 proposals

€227 million

19 projects

€86.4 million


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